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Video: Talk MIDI with the Bus Pirate on Talk Like a Pirate Day

Shiver me timbers, there’s finally a video tutorial on how to set up the Bus Prate for the MIDI protocol.

MIDI serial oscilloscope
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Video: Decode/debug MIDI Serial Data on an Oscilloscope

Have you ever needed to decode/debug your MIDI data stream in more detail than what conventional software allows? Your oscilloscope could save the day.

Great collection of pics from the Chicago Synth Meet

A great round up of pics of the Chicago Synth meet from March 1st of this year. Photo Credit: Andrew Horton FaceBook user Andrew Horton has some great pics in his album from the Chicago Synth Meet at the Hideaway that we originally told you about here. The album can be…

Great write up of Glitch Music Hackathon: Circuit bending, Chiptunes & 8-bit by

Glitch Music Hack was the January edition of the Monthly Music Hackathon NYC. Monthly Music Hackathon NYC is a hacking & performance series with a new theme each month. January was Glitch, or as they described it: Circuit bending, Chiptunes, 8-bit music, broken things, retro, or anything else you might describe as…

Do you bend/hack/make MIDI controllers?

If so, MIDI HACK may be of interest to you. OSC, CV, and VST/AU will be represented as well. “The goal of MIDI HACK is to bring together industry leaders, interesting start-ups, software developers, hardware fanatics and musicians who push the envelope of music creation, and to spawn great and…