Great write up of Glitch Music Hackathon: Circuit bending, Chiptunes & 8-bit by

Glitch Music Hack was the January edition of the Monthly Music Hackathon NYC.

Monthly Music Hackathon NYC is a hacking & performance series with a new theme each month. January was Glitch, or as they described it:

Circuit bending, Chiptunes, 8-bit music, broken things, retro, or anything else you might describe as “glitch”!

The wrap-up of the event can be found in this great article by

Here’s a list of what the rest of 2015 looks like for MMH NYC:

  • Automatic Music (Feb 28)
  • Synthesis & Samples (Mar 28)
  • Rhythm & Time (Apr 25)
  • Melody & Harmony (May 23)
  • Lyrics & Language (Jun 20)
  • Instruments (Jul 25)
  • Games (Aug 29)
  • Education (Sep 26)
  • Haunted House (Oct 31)
  • Visualization (Dec 12)
This looks like a great series. Let us know in the comments if you have, or will attend any of their events!

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