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My new book: The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to the 555 Timer

Build the Atari Punk Console and Other Breadboard Electronics Projects. Plus, a complete parts kit!

Make this helpful Overhead Camera Rig using Open Source Hardware
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Video: Make this helpful Overhead Camera Rig using Open Source Hardware

Whether it’s for electronics/crafts tutorials, or selling on eBay, Etsy, etc., shooting overhead video and pics can be a pain, until now!

Make the World’s cheapest MIDI Tester
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Video: Make the World’s cheapest MIDI Tester

A quick and dirty (and cheap) MIDI tester.

Moogfest Circuit Bending Challenge
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The Moogfest Circuit Bending Challenge is back for 2016

One of the most recognized Circuit Bending Challenges is back.

Video: I add 10-turn pots to my variable power supply for more precision control
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Video: I add 10-turn pots to my variable power supply for more precision control

My bench top power supply only had single turn potentiometers, so I added 10-turn pots for more control.

Circuit Bending/DIY Synth guru Dave Wright/Not Breathing releases new Album

If you’re a fan of live DIY synth/circuit bent performances, you need to check out Not Breathing, aka Dave Wright of Tucson, AZ. His newest album, Wrightman II, was released earlier this month on Bandcamp. $5 for 9 songs. Be sure to check it out on a decent sound system,…

Ivo Ivanov of Glitchmachines Releases Impressive Pictue Gallery of His Circuit Bent Instruments

A new FaceBook gallery of circuit bent instruments from Ivo Ivanov of Glitchmachines. Before Glitchmachines was known as a high-level, futuristic software effects brand, Ivo Ivanov was very busy releasing beautifully crafted circuit bent devices. He recently put up a gallery of said devices and it’s impressive, not only in…

Synthesis & Samples Hackathon in NYC this Saturday ft. burnkit2600 and littleBits Korg Synth Kit Workshop

Monthly Music Hackathon is hosting their Synthesis & Samples Hackathon in NYC this Saturday. burkit2600 The folks at Monthly Music Hackathon NYC are focusing on Synthesis & Sampling this month. From their site: Make new art from scratch! Learn about recent research, tools, and art related to sound synthesis and audio…

Pics from this weekend’s Denver Synth Meet

The 2015 Denver Synth Meet wrapped-up in pics. Chris Randall, from Audio Damage has a great flickr album of the 2015 Denver Synth Meet. A few highlights below:

Make your own Synth in this 6 week class starting Mon. in Boston

Artisan’s Asylum is hosting a 6 week course on making your own synthesizer. The six week, one-night-a-week classes start this Monday, March 9 and are going to be taught by Jimmie P. Rodgers at the Artisan’s Asylum. Course Description: Join us for an intense six-week introduction to electronics through an exploration of…

Circuit Bending Guru Tim Kaiser Producing New Double EP

Tim Kaiser, the circuit bending/DIY synth guru from Duluth, Minnesota, is producing a new double EP. If you’be been following the circuit bending/DIY synth scene for any length of time, there’s a pretty good chance you’ve stumbled across some of Tim Kaiser’s work. Now he is producing a Double EP…

Algorithmic/Automatic Music Hackathon in NYC this Saturday

Monthly Music Hackathon NYC is featuring  algorithmic music. This Saturday is the Automatic Music Hackathon. This is a series at Monthly Music Hackathon NYC. Schedule:11:30 Doors open11:45 Pizza12:00 TalksAndreas Jansson – Midimacs: A semi-algorithmic midi sequencer in Emacs LispRyan Groves – Automatic melodic analysis and its application to automatic compositionJonathan Marmor –…