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Video: miniAtmegatron Demo & Sneak Peek at the New Improved Manual

Soulsby Synthesizers is releasing a proper manual for the miniAtmegatron. Get a sneak peek here, and an in-depth sound demo!

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Video: miniAtmegatron Case: Assembly & Overview

Watch me assemble the case for the Soulsby Synthesizers miniAtmegatron and give a quick overview.

bitRanger, a weird handheld modular synth crammed with over 100 patch points
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Announcing bitRanger, a weird handheld modular synth crammed with over 100 patch points

Has Bastl Instruments launched the ultimate handheld modular synth?

Obscura 8-bit Chiptune Synth
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Introducing a new and improved 8bit MIDI NES Chiptune Synth

The 8bit Arcano MIDI NES Chiptune Synth II from Arcano Systems is now on Kickstarter.

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Arcano Systems releases Gem-8, a Retro 8-bit, WiFi-enabled computer and chiptune music synthesizer

The retro-styled, WiFi-enabled computer specializes as a chiptune music synthesizer, but also has a few other tricks up its sleeve.

Obscura, an Arduino-compatible 8-bit chiptune synth
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Obscura: Tiny 8-bit Chiptune Arduino based Synth on Kickstarter

After a successfully funded campaign for their Arcano MIDI NES Chiptune Synthesizer, Arcano Systems now has another Kickstarter project for Obscura, an Arduino-compatible 8-bit chiptune synth.

A first look at the Soulsby Synthesizers miniAtmegatron.
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Video: I unbox, assemble, and play the new $39 open source, 8bit/chiptune miniAtmegatron synth kit

A first look at the Soulsby Synthesizers miniAtmegatron.

Video: miniAtmegatron: open source 8bit/chiptune, Arduino compatible synth shield, official price announced

The miniAtmegatron is officially announced, with price. Hot on the heels of the Atmegatron V2 and it’s lowered price, is the official release video of the miniAtmegatron from Soulsby Synthesizers. The mini is an Arduino compatible shield, in kit form. The price is only $39, almost an impulse buy. The…

Video: 90 Second demo of the updated Atmegatron, and it’s new lower price

A video from Soulsby Synthesizers has been released for the updated Atmegatron, and it’s new lower price. Last week I posted about the upcoming release of the new Atmegatron, it’s new lower price and even a miniAtmegatron Arduino compatible shield in kit form. Today Soulsby Synthesizers has released a quick…

Atmegatron, the open source, 8bit, Arduino based mono synth & drum machine is updated to V2 and a mini kit!

Soulsby Synthesizers is back with an update to their Atmegatron line, and a new kit. Paul Soulsby has announced an updated version of his Atmegatron, due out August 24, 2015. The new Version 2 has the the same unique sound, but with many more software profiles for download, and a…

Audio In >> Video Game Out – Meris Ottobit Bit Reduction/FX Module just released + awesome demo video

The Meris 500 Series Ottobit module is finally out, along with an awesome demo video. I wrote about the original announcement of the Ottobit here, and gave some basic info about it. Meris now has the Ottobit available for purchase. Along with the release, they have posted a great demo…

Drum8, 8-Bit Drum Machine Sampler for the Apple II

Riccardo Macri has written Drum8, an 8-bit sample playback drum machine for the Apple II. In the early 2000s I had quite a vintage computer collection. TRS-80 CoCo2, Apple IIe, Amiga 500, Commodore 64, a couple Atari XL series, and a couple others that I can’t recall. Sadly, I had to…