Synthesis & Samples Hackathon in NYC this Saturday ft. burnkit2600 and littleBits Korg Synth Kit Workshop

Monthly Music Hackathon is hosting their Synthesis & Samples Hackathon in NYC this Saturday.


The folks at Monthly Music Hackathon NYC are focusing on Synthesis & Sampling this month. From their site:

Make new art from scratch! Learn about recent research, tools, and art related to sound synthesis and audio sampling.

 Some of the highlights will include a workshop for the littleBits/Korg Synth Kit, and a live demo from circuit bending masters burnkit2600.
The registration is free.
Saturday, March 28th, 2015
Spotify NYC
45 W 18th St, 7th Floor
New York, NY 10011
11:30 Doors open
11:45 Pizza
12:00 Talks:
Tristan Jehan
Principal Music Scientist at Spotify
Segment First, Think Later: a structural description and composition of music signals
Travis McDemus
Engineer / Composer
From Electricity to Sound Synthesis
Luis Queral
Net artist, musician, designer at Blenderbox
Jump City Records: a record label that publishes releases through a Python bot
Steven Litt
Crudlabs, NYU Music Tech
Building a monophonic Mellotron from one Walkman
1:30 Hacking Starts
All other activities optional and in side rooms
1:30 Brainstorming / Collaborator-finding session 
2:00 Workshop: AudioKit
An audio synthesis, processing, and analysis toolkit for iOS and OSX
by Aurelius Prochazka
2:30 Workshop: littleBits Synth Kit
Introduction to controlling the littleBits Synth Kit with the new MIDI, USB I/O, and CV modules.
by Paul Rothman
3:00 Workshop: Tone.JS
Synthesis, playback and effects in the browser. A walkthrough of the synthesis and sampling components of Tone.js – a Web Audio framework.
by Yotam Mann
7:00 All hands on deck collaborative planning of the concert & demos
8:00 Concert of Hacks & Demos
To open the show, gear hacking wizards Burnkit2600 will demonstrate how samples and basic synthesis augment their live sound in a brief performance.

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