Cheap Photo Studio in a Box

With all the pics I’ve been taking, I’ve been looking into getting a Portable Photo Studio. Depending on the make/model they can cost from $50-$100 (way too much for me). And where to store it all? I made my own for less than $20, and it’d be cheaper/free if you…

DIY Key Knife

Recently I bought myself a Utili-Key for about $12. I loved the idea, but after a week, it had fallen off many times, and there was no good way to modify/fix it to solve the problem. The feature I used the most was the knife blade (pretty much the only…

Maker Faire Austin ’07

Found my vids from Maker Faire Austin ’07 Part 1 Part 2

Ammo Box Synth video

Video of the ammo box synth/sequencer I built.

The big 50!

Just sold the 50th copy of my Circuit Bending for Beginners video!

New TV I bent

Built a new synth.

Built a synth/sequencer in an ammo box. Speaker, 1/4″ out, and theremin style pitch bend. Smaller black knobs randomize the chaos/pitch of the sequence. Also good for shutting down the city of Boston.

TV I circuit bent

Finally took a video of my circuit bent TV. Audio input modulates the tube.

Thinking about starting a Phoenix Area dorkbot group

At It says there’s one on they way, but I’m going to look in to it further. If anyone would be interested in this please let me know so I know if it would be worth the trouble. Thanks!Here’s some info from their site:dorkbot: people doing strange things with…

Too much free time leads to…

a Google SketchUp model of a speak and spell.

How to invert a photocell’s resistance

It takes lots of experimenting to find the right values of the parts.

Simple audio amplifier

This is one of the simplest designs of audio amp I’ve found. Can be built for a couple dollars!