Cheap Photo Studio in a Box

With all the pics I’ve been taking, I’ve been looking into getting a Portable Photo Studio. Depending on the make/model they can cost from $50-$100 (way too much for me). And where to store it all? I made my own for less than $20, and it’d be cheaper/free if you already have parts on hand.

Here’s my parts list:
plastic storage bin
2 desk lamps
construction paper

Make sure the bin is translucent, not transparent, or opaque. This is for proper diffusion of the light. This can be hard to find. Mine has transparent middles near the handles, but it still works fine. Alternately you could line a transparent bin with white tissue paper to make it translucent, or use diffusers on your lights.

I used tape to keep the construction paper in place.

I set this up on the edge of my kitchen table so I could use a regular size tripod and not have to buy one of those mini tripods.

When you’re done, everything can be stored in the box!

(photo taken with this homemade photo studio box)

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