Ammo Box Synth video

Video of the ammo box synth/sequencer I built.

The big 50!

Just sold the 50th copy of my Circuit Bending for Beginners video!

New TV I bent

Built a new synth.

Built a synth/sequencer in an ammo box. Speaker, 1/4″ out, and theremin style pitch bend. Smaller black knobs randomize the chaos/pitch of the sequence. Also good for shutting down the city of Boston.

TV I circuit bent

Finally took a video of my circuit bent TV. Audio input modulates the tube.

Thinking about starting a Phoenix Area dorkbot group

At It says there’s one on they way, but I’m going to look in to it further. If anyone would be interested in this please let me know so I know if it would be worth the trouble. Thanks!Here’s some info from their site:dorkbot: people doing strange things with…

How to invert a photocell’s resistance

It takes lots of experimenting to find the right values of the parts.

Resistor Color Code Chart

How to wire up a RCA patchbay

I get a lot of e-mails asking about hooking up patchbays to bend points. Here are a couple different methods. Remember – you can expand these ideas across multiple patch panels, hook up switches and pots in between, etc. A) In this method, each RCA jack is wired/soldered to an…

Adding a 1/4in. output & volume knob

Keypad matrix diagram

This is for a large 20 key keypad, but the theory works the same for smaller keypads. You can use an ohm meter to see which rows & columns get connected with each button press.