Make this helpful Overhead Camera Rig using Open Source Hardware
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Video: Make this helpful Overhead Camera Rig using Open Source Hardware

Whether it’s for electronics/crafts tutorials, or selling on eBay, Etsy, etc., shooting overhead video and pics can be a pain, until now!

Make the World’s cheapest MIDI Tester
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Video: Make the World’s cheapest MIDI Tester

A quick and dirty (and cheap) MIDI tester.

Video: I add 10-turn pots to my variable power supply for more precision control
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Video: I add 10-turn pots to my variable power supply for more precision control

My bench top power supply only had single turn potentiometers, so I added 10-turn pots for more control.

Arduino Project Box on-the-cheap
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Arduino Project Box on-the-cheap

So, I’ve finally gotten around to picking up an Arduino to play around with. I’ve owned a couple books on programming/interfacing them for a while now, just to see if it would be something I would be interested in. So I finally took the plunge and bought a Mega 2560….

Vacuum tubes on display

I got this idea from an article in Make magazine about Wunderkammers. ( Sure it’s just a simple knick-knack type display, but that’s where the inspiration came from. I bought a lot of 50 new-old-stock tubes on ebay for less than $20, and found the curio cabinet at a thrift…

Disposable spice grinder hack

So I ran out of pepper in one of those “disposable” grinders (the kind “they” want you to throw away and buy another). I had some bulk peppercorns from a grinder I used to have. I had been wondering for a while if removing the top and refilling it was…

Audio breakout cable for ipod/iphone

(update) I inadvertently said I got the 4 conductor plug at Jameco – it was Mouser, and is listed correctly, with the part number in the blog. Have you ever wanted to plug in a professional studio mic to your iPod touch/iPhone? There may be a commercial solution, but I…

Cheap Photo Studio in a Box

With all the pics I’ve been taking, I’ve been looking into getting a Portable Photo Studio. Depending on the make/model they can cost from $50-$100 (way too much for me). And where to store it all? I made my own for less than $20, and it’d be cheaper/free if you…

DIY Key Knife

Recently I bought myself a Utili-Key for about $12. I loved the idea, but after a week, it had fallen off many times, and there was no good way to modify/fix it to solve the problem. The feature I used the most was the knife blade (pretty much the only…

How to invert a photocell’s resistance

It takes lots of experimenting to find the right values of the parts.

Simple audio amplifier

This is one of the simplest designs of audio amp I’ve found. Can be built for a couple dollars!

How to wire up a RCA patchbay

I get a lot of e-mails asking about hooking up patchbays to bend points. Here are a couple different methods. Remember – you can expand these ideas across multiple patch panels, hook up switches and pots in between, etc. A) In this method, each RCA jack is wired/soldered to an…