Synthwatch: world’s first wristwatch synthesizer

Now you can jam out to “What time is love?” whenever somebody asks for the time.

If you miss (or missed) the days of feeling like a nerd-chic technocrat by hammering out some math problems on your Casio Databank wristwatch calculator, you may be in luck. Audioweld has just launched a Kickstarter campaign for what they call the “world’s first wristwatch synthesizer.”

The Synthwatch® is a tiny one-octave keyboard synthesizer (although I suspect it may be more of a ROMpler) packed into a wristwatch form factor.
Quick specs:
  • More than 200 sounds (monophonic for now)
  • 4 effects: Delay, Reverb, Flanger, and Filter
  • Sequencer and real-time recorder via its mobile app
  • USB C breakout cable to USB A and audio mini jack
  • Rainproof resistant (whatever that means)
  • Wireless technology (nothing specified)
  • Titanium Grade 5 case
  • Triangular Handcraft Wooden Case/smartphone stand

Pledges start at 450 Euros/$508 USD or about 10 Pocket Operators.

The demo video is pretty sparse, but it is a functioning model.

What are your thoughts? Will you be “making the history of watchmaking” as their pitch claims?


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After PayPal fees, this is about $1.00 for me.

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