Video: Phoenix Synth Meet 2016

Modular madness dominated the demo floor!

Phoenix Synth Meet 2016

Even with little P.R. for the event (I only found out a couple hours before the event, grabbed my camera and went!), 2016’s Phoenix Synth Meet would be considered by most to be a success. What once started out a few years ago as a small gathering in Chris Randall’s (Audio Damage) house, was hosted this year at the 7,200 sq. ft. Unexpected Art Gallery. At one point in the early evening I counted about 60 people, and probably well more than that attended throughout Saturday’s event, which also included live performances later in the evening.

Flavio Mireles from Blue Lantern Modules was also on hand with a rack chock-full of his Euro format modules for anyone to tweak, along with his new Assist Percussive Utility module (demo in the video). A huge LED video wall was available behind the stage for the small, but cohesive group of video synthesists and artists.

Most people showed up with their favorite synth(s) and set them up for others to hear and learn about. A few seemed to wander into the building wondering what the bleeps, bloops, and blinkenlights were all about, but after hearing a noodle patch on a big modular they stuck around to experience all the demo floor and stage had to offer. There was a very positive and friendly vibe flowing throughout the building, and to top it off there was no charge to attend or setup your gear.

Check out the video below to see all the glitchy goodness!

Phoenix Synth Facebook Group.

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