Video: miniAtmegatron Demo & Sneak Peek at the New Improved Manual

Soulsby Synthesizers is releasing a proper manual for the miniAtmegatron. Get a sneak peek here, and an in-depth sound demo!


I got my first miniAtmegatron (I have two as of now) about a year ago. I have to admit after I put it together and made this video of the assembly and a quick run through of its sounds, I let it sit a while. Part of the reason I let it sit was that it didn’t have any type of “Getting Started” guide, or even a manual (beyond the small 2-page pamphlet that named the Functions).

After making a video about the new case for the miniAtmegatron, I decided to make a video getting into some of its more in-depth features. Coincidentally, when I had a few questions for the synth’s creator Paul Soulsby, he mentioned he was working on a proper manual for the miniAtmegatron and sent me an advanced copy.

So check out my video below, and be sure to keep watch at the Soulsby Synthesizers website for the new manual.

Let me know what you think of the miniAtmegatron’s capabilities and sounds in the comments below.

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