Announcing bitRanger, a weird handheld modular synth crammed with over 100 patch points

Has Bastl Instruments launched the ultimate handheld modular synth?

However, they don’t call it a synth. The bitRanger from the very unique Bastl Instruments is billed as “a patchable analog logic computer.” Now then, said analog computer “sculpts sonic worlds ranging from data noise to melodic arpeggios.” So, yeah, it’s a synth, and a very patchable one at that!

With over 100 patch points (118 to be exact), some labeled Divider Bits, BYTE CV, DATA modulation, and even Adventure Bits, the bitRanger begs to be experimented with.

One of the synth’s main designers is Peter Edward from Casper Electronics fame. Like me, Peter used to be really into the circuit bending scene, and that’s exactly what the bitRanger reminds me of – a factory bendable synthesizer. Only without all the soldering, drilling, mounting of connectors/switches, and then hopefully finding a few useful bend points.

The bitRanger was designed to play nicely with other gear too. CV in/out, Clock in/out, just to name a couple, and the video even states “interfaces great with Eurorack modular synths thru 5 compatible connectors.” It can even be used as an algorithmic CV/GATE pattern generator.

The price is listed as €222.00 (about $250 US) and a ship date of June 2016.

I can easily see this as part of a portable experimental/noise/drone setup, or even as a funky source for inspiration in the studio.

What do you think? Let me know in the comments below.


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