Rad-Fi System: a new collection of Synth & FX kits by Bleep Labs available for pre-order & on sale!

The Rad-Fi Glitch Delay and Patchable Synthesizer, part of Bleep Labs’ Rad-Fi System, are open for preorder now. On sale until Feb 28th!

Bleep Labs has made some great sounding and fun kits. They are now expanding their line with the Rad-Fi System. What is it, you ask?

“The RAD-FI System is a collection of synthesizers, effects, and ▲░▼╩▒◊ kits.
They all work together, are super mod-able, and teach the fundamentals of making analog and digital electronic devices.”

These seem to be breadboard systems that can be assembled by everyone from a complete beginner following detailed instructions, to hackable systems for the advanced user.

For the initial introduction of this system there are three kits, with more sure to follow. Keep in mind, the kits are not just a bag of parts, there are in-depth instructions with diagrams and videos.

The Rad-Fi System Base BLR01, $35 (normally $38)
Breadboard, resistors, potentiometers, photocells, capacitors, ICs, oscillators, power supply, LEDs, 1/8′ jack, wires, and buttons.

The Rad-Fi Glitch Delay BLR02, $60 (normally $67)
Digital delay effect and an analog photo synth. Includes all the parts you need in a nice plastic compartment case. Analog square wave generator (40106) for modulating the delay and making spacey drones; audio input amplifier; Arduino based digital delay with adjustable sample rate, freeze, reverse, and ridiculous feedback noise; detailed instructions with analog and digital modification info. Does not include breadboards or power supply.

The Rad-Fi Patchable Synth BLR03, $70 (normally $80)
Modular synth with sequence recording, MIDI input, and tons of modulation inputs and outputs. Comes with two independent synthesizers. Each synth has: all the parts you need in a nice plastic compartment case; MIDI input for control of pitch, amplitude, and waveshape; two outputs, one for pulse, one for triangular waves; analog inputs for pitch, amplitude/fold, and wave shape; digital inputs to adjust dual voice mode, noise modes, amplitude envelope trigger and more. The kit also includes an analog oscillator chip (40106) which can be used to make LFOs. Does not include breadboards or power supply. Patch these and more devices together to make an endless amount of electronic tonalities.

For more info, pics, videos and to order, visit their Rad-Fi System page. What do you think of these kits? Let us know in the comment section below.

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