Critical Vibrations releases Circuit Bent Collection Live Pack

Circuit Bent Collection, a new Live Pack from Critical Vibrations has been released. Built from a huge library of samples recorded from circuit bent toys, keyboards, and drum machines, it contains 140 instruments for Ableton Live 9.

From their site:

“This collection isn’t just the glitchy lo-fi toy sounds you might expect. Yes, you will find some of those…but also there are instruments inspired by the uniquely digital richness of aliased waveforms, and the unexpected hybrid instruments that are created when the circuit bent brain of an instrument is made to sing.”


  • 428 48kHz/24-bit samples
  • 150MB zipped, 237MB uncompressed
  • 140 different instruments, including: 8 drum racks, 14 basses, 24 pads/strings, 23 keys, 9 leads, 4 soundscape generators, and many more!
  • Most instruments include extensive Macro mapping, for performance control and customizing the sound
  • Great for producers of ambient, dubstep, hip hop, IDM, techno, and game music.
  • Made using Sampler, but converted to Simpler, so it works for Live Intro users! (just a few instruments include effects for which you’ll need at least Standard Edition)

 The Live Pack is available at their website for $49.99

Here is a very thorough walk-through:

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