Venetian Snares demos new glitchy analog drum module!

Dr. Snarold Snarington (Aaron Funk of Venetian Snares) shows a quick demo of the new Mutant Machine module from

This drum module is described as having a “microcontroller-free analog percussion synthesis engine.” They go on to say,

“The Mutant Machine is a dynamic analog instrument capable of generating a wide palette of sounds, ranging from various forms of analog percussion to complex drones and oscillations… Experimentation is encouraged by the many modulation inputs and outputs available to you… There are many audio outputs for maximum versatility, allowing you to use the Machine to create drones and alien timbres for use elsewhere in the modular analog system.”

Features include:

• unique Inverter Core oscillators form the MEMBRANE. Each analog oscillator has three waveforms to select from
• capable of synthesizing everything from heavy-hitting bassdrums to classic 909-style snares and other complex timbres
• modular design gives the Machine many auxiliary purposes, great for modular sound design of many varieties, and not just percussion
• the SNAPPY section is comprised of a voltage controlled noise oscillator, for modelling the noisy part of drum timbres
• both MEMBRANE and SNAPPY elements have an external input for replacing the built-in sound sources, opening up many avenues of possibility
• 13 control voltage and audio inputs, for a fully modular drum experience
• 7 audio and CV/gate outputs for maximum integration with other modules
• dedicated outputs for each WAVE and NOISE oscillator mean you can use the Machine as a complex VCO in your system, when not synthesizing percussion 

What ever it is, we are in love. Even at the $599 list price, this seems like a module worth checking out. More details can be found here:

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