My wife, Bianca B. Escarcega


After seven years to the week of being diagnosed with breast cancer, my beautiful wife and best friend who I’ve known for nine and a half years Bianca B. Escarcega, passed on to the other side on July 7, 2009, at the much too young age of 36. Your thoughts, prayers and support have been greatly appreciated. She and I couldn’t have made it this long without them.

While your cards and condolences are appreciated, Bianca said instead of sending flowers, she would prefer you to make a donation to a charitable organization. Some include: any animal shelter – preferably a no-kill shelter,, The Wellness Community @, Hospice of the Valley @, and during the last seven years she read literally over a thousand books, so a donation to your local library is an option too.

Thank you all.

-Jesse Rutherford


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